The HealthCard and Third-Party Payers

The inadequate use of information technology (IT) in healthcare to share patients’ medical information among providers is one issue which is widely recognized as an impediment to the improvements in health care productivity and safety that insurers feel should be required.

As one example, Adverse Drug Events (ADE’s) introduce enormous, unnecessary cost into healthcare. One study showed that 5.9% of all hospital admissions result in a moderate or severe ADE, specifically due to a lack of accurate medication information. Each of these ADE’s results in an increased length of hospital stay costing between $2000 and $24,000. This means that ADE’s due to incomplete or inaccurate medication information effectively add a cost of between $100 and $1400 to every hospital admission. Text Box: Automated Prescription Transfer into Pharmacy Information Management System Using Bar Code on Prescription is Available

Current methods of medication reconciliation, which generally involve creating a hand-written copy which is then given to the patient to take to his next provider, are tedious, frequently illegible, needlessly repetitive, and generally ineffective.

HealthCapable’s solution is an inexpensive, user-friendly, web-based service that allows providers to modify a patient’s medication list and print a tamper-proof prescription in a single step, using an integrated real-time medication safety monitoring system. Privacy is protected using a popular model adapted from the financial industry, specifically an ATM card or a credit card. An available option improves prescription formulary compliance.

An excellent return on investment is possible through reduced expenses incurred through improved medication safety. As an insurer, you can move your community in the right direction: towards the benefits of the HealthCard. We welcome your interest, and we’ll help enroll your beneficiaries if you're ready. Please email as the first step.


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